The term "gravel" covers all surfaces that are not either asphalt or snow. Different types of terrain make specific demands on tyres which, in addition to resisting wear and outside aggression, are designed to cut through the loose top surface in search of firmer ground underneath.

TZ right (R) and left (L)
Available in 15''

Asymmetric tyres with protective bead on flank. Highly-grooved sculpture to boost adherence and traction.

TZS right (R) and left (L)
Size 17/65-15

Asymmetric tyres without protective bead, for R3 group cars. Relatively prominent groove to boost adherence and traction.

Available 14'' to 15''

Symmetrical tyres. Sculpture boosting transversal grip, versatile for Gravel and Autocross rallies.

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Quad Cross 025 26x9-14 € 115,00 € 100,00
Voordelen RTS Holland
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