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The competitive spirit is an asset for BF Goodrich. The brand has been putting a lot of effort in rallies for several years and is now the world leader in all disciplines. BF Goodrich was the Partner of World Rally Driver and manufacturer Champions in 2006 and 2007. It also decided to take part in the IRC and already won this competition in 2007. The brand is present with the same dynamism and will to win in all competitions. This is shy BF Goodrich has won the Dakar since 2002 and won all cross country rally world cups since 1999. Thanks to this succes, BF Goodrich provides you with products that offer full control, as wel as unequalled driving reactivitiy and accuracy.

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Extreme VR2 195/50R15 soft € 105,00 € 100,00
Voordelen RTS Holland
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