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  • Michelin Latitude M 235/85R16
    Michelin Latitude M 235/85R16

    Michelin Latitude MDesigned for 4x4 and race prototypes, its tread creates a tyre that performs particulary well on muddy surfaces. Enduring and reinforced, it is perfectly suited for the European and South American Bajas.Only…

  • Michelin Latitude C 245/80R16
    Michelin Latitude C 245/80R16

    Michelin Latitude CThe winning tyre in the Dakar 2013. With it's reinforced and extremely enduring casing, it took the most powerfull 4x4's on the most prestigious Rally Raid tracks. It's specific tread gives it both mobility in…

  • Michelin G2 205/90R16
    Michelin G2 205/90R16

    Michelin G2Designed mainly for 4x4's at the front axis of buggies.This tyre is narrow and performs bon both rocky surfaces and sand.Suitable for all circumstances.Only available in 205/90-16.

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Nortenha N4 185/65R15 € 105,00 € 90,00
Voordelen RTS Holland
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